We explain the language and the words

The project and the goals

In this assignment, you will make a three-minute short film about the case, proverb or proverb that deals with behavior and behavior. You will learn a little about language, spoken words and words and a little bit about short film creation. You will learn about manuscripts, film, how a movie is cut and many more.

In such a project, it's good to be imaginative because there are many ways to do this. One way is to write a small story that relates to the case, the phrase or the spellmail. Another way would be to do as was done in the section of words. You can see an example of it in the video below and then the description and description of the project's objectives here. > Project description and objectives.


Before you take the items up, you need to write a script. It is, in fact, that no picture will be good if the script is not good. Therefore, the group needs to start by chatting about the work and collecting ideas. Then a script is written according to all the rules. First, you should still watch the video below. Then you get a few pointers and choose one to make a short film. Here is a description of how to write a script. > To write a script.

history table

When making a short film, it is important to think visually. That means we try to tell us how we want things to look like. That's why we make a story board (screensaver). A storyboard is a script or a story without text. To make a good-looking soundtrack, you need to know the main rules in film. To study them, you should first watch the video on the desktop and then the videos in the section on movie shows. Try to remember what appears in the videos because you need to use it all in your shortcut. Here's a description of how to make a table. > To make a table

The cinematography

Once you have written the script and the storyboard, you have a good idea of ​​how the short film should look like. Now you are trying to play the game and then it is necessary to take into account various rules when you are picking up the items. Below are links to some videos that teach the main rules. Look at the videos and learn the rules before you go to the recordings.

Sculpture and perspective

Viduskyrummalshaetti pictorial horn

rule of thirds

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Motion cameras

Wide range of motion pictures

180 degree rule

Vidutskyrummalshaetti 180gradureglan

green screen

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The take is done and it's time to choose the clips to use in the shortcut and cut them. We are going to use a video program called Filmora. The videos below are teacher videos for the most important features. If you're unsure how to crop your videos, watch the videos.