The Racetrack of May 8 - May 10, 2020

There is still a fridge outside

For the third time this year, we are Gudrún in Brautarlækur and for the third time the weather is just fine. There is actually a refrigerator temperature outside, but it heats up well as the sun enjoys and it certainly enjoys these days. The sky is honored and clear as there is no evaporation of the land when the air temperature is so low. When this is written, she stands my Gudrún next to the stove roasting mushrooms and onions to be used in the sauce with the beef waiting to go on a new barbecue. The band Hjalmar performs his song "I Must Get A Girlfriend." Both at the Grand Mariner and on the table is 1000 Stories Chabernet Sauvignon, vintage 2017, California red wine. The bottle states that the wine has been aged in wooden barrels that had previously stored bourbon wine. The taste is said to be characterized by vanilla and various herbs. I don't know with the vanilla, but we thought we could find a hint of jam and considerable tannins. This is an evening recipe that can't click.
Trailer leak 8 10 May 3Patch with the snowfall in the back.
On Saturday, we took advantage of applying fertilizer to the trees in our wardrobe around the house. Weighed 25 kg and focused on applying fertilizer to the smallest trees. Then sit on the platform and enjoy the sun. In the middle of the day, we arrived in the hills. He put Kiunni on the mound and went into the heath to see over Holtavördu lake. The water is still ice free and there are still some freezes. On the night that night the frost went down to form nine degrees. The swans are still present, but stick to the honor and wait for ice to be released from the waters of the heath. Marijuana is also present. We've seen it on the surface of the house. She has as long as we will have her nest under the house.

We used the tranquility to mimic the summer project here in Brautarlæk. Paints on the roof have arrived on time and we can't help but to put in some fencing work. Another pillar has broken in the winter. It may well be that we finally had to put a proper iron gate on the driveway into the closet. The fence from the western doctors to the corner and also the fence that knows to the Highland State has become bleak so we can not avoid doing something about it this spring. Also, we are very tempted to buy some pine trees to put down above the house.

The big project that awaits is the basic work under the shed that we have decided to build on the borehole. The first task must be to dig the shed and smooth the land before we put down the foundations or strike the ground. Whichever route goes, we need to find a place for all the soil that emerges from the foundation. We, the couple, thought it might be smart to put it in the northwest corner of our wardrobe. Then we would get rid of the lupine from the corner because we would submerge it under the soil and really choke it. Wouldn't it be great?