The Racetrack of May 22 - May 24, 2020

Three new pine and fence materials

We arrived in the Laerarlek late on Friday evening with the trolley loaded with fence material. We thought it would be nice to have the material in place of the Pentecost weekend because it is about to properly handle the fence and even fence again. Finally, we will have to put down a proper side of the driveway to our wardrobe. When I started to carry the gate with them, it seemed to us to be small so we had to lug it back into town and find the gate of a suitable size. It is a minimum that the gate is four meters wide.

The Runner Up 22 May 24, 2020 1Our caravan may remember its foolish beauty, but it has certainly benefited us. Fencing materials were all purchased in Lifland.
In the past few years, we have hardly cared for the trees. The reasons are probably different for construction projects to the south. Now we are only awakening to life with this again. We carried the trees on the last trip and now we put down three fifty centimeters of large pine, each of its type.

The hedgehog is an extremely hardy tree that slowly and surely grows 5 - 10 centimeters per year. She never cries. I would have thought that the hedgehog was elected to Icelandic soil but it is not common here at all. The first trees were planted at Hallormstad during the years 1903 - 1905. These trees have become over nine meters high. It takes about 15 years to carry the seed and it will be extremely old. Therefore, if this gray that we are putting down lives on, it could still stand by the Broadcaster after two to three thousand years. The home of the hedgehog is more than two thousand feet in California. It will be around XNUMX meters high.

The rock cave is a sufficient tree that can live in most soil types. Just like the hedgehog, it grows slowly but eventually it can grow to be 10 - 20 meters tall. It is very similar to the sticker but the needles are slightly longer on it and are dark green than grayish on the sticker. Also, the needle sheath is longer on a rock. The first rocks were deposited just before the turn of the 1900s. The oldest trees are at Grund in Eyjafjörður, at Thingvellir and at Rauðavatn. Its domicile is in Western Europe, mainly in the Pyrenees.

Characters is the third tree we put down. It is the most common pine used in forestry in Iceland. There are two variants of it. On the one hand there are coastal varieties that grow to 3 - 10 meters in height and variants that grow inland and become 15 - 30 meters high. We do not know what type of lettering we downloaded. We think she is more likely to be a beach girl. The character of the character is the west coast of North America and the Rocky Mountains She will be 4 - 600 years old.

The Runner Up 22 May 24, 2020 2Standing there is certainly a great value for those who intend to cultivate a forest.
We put the plants down at the Brautarlækarhus. We needed something to improve the nutrients in the soil and we looked at Thori and Rosa on Holi to see if we could sneak off them like one trailer. It turned out to be an easy affair.