Renovation of bathrooms

As soon as we moved into our new house, me and my wife agreed that renovating the bathrooms would be a priority. No wonder because one of them was in really bad condition and the other was used as a storage. The last weekend in September 2014 we started the project.
The first verse of the reform was, of course, to agree on what to do. Should we, for example, have a private bathroom or have a larger bathroom? It would have been simply to break one wall and expand the bathroom. After discussing this back and forth, the result was having two small bathrooms. Activities of those who use the bathroom do not require large floor space. Also, we decided to change the cabinet in the entrance hall.

Improvement of old housing can be quite a bit of uncertainty and the demolition time of a tense tension. No, this is now a big drama, but more often than not, it is revealed that the work is bigger than it was in the beginning. It turned out to be the case this time. Behind the tiles with the bathtub, everything was black with a mosquito net. This excellent fungus is of great benefit to nature and really vital. In the homes of men, he is still unnecessary. Our first thought was to demolish all wooden walls, but then saw that it would probably be full of the good. It is therefore necessary to tear the wall at the bedroom door, the intersection between the bathrooms and the inner lining on the wall that knows the hall.

After the interior of the walls had been flattened, the consumption and drainage were attacked. It was a pretty happy husband who lay to sleep the night when the pipes were gone. The old lies had been well done and no effortlessly removed. Here nothing was more than grinding and panic. The day after the call will ring the phone and the number display will show the name of the tenant in the cellar. I ran cold water between skin and skin. The landlord had never called me before. The message should be to report a leak in the pipe lining that leads to the apartment. A few years ago, I was in a similar situation to make up a bathroom and had to apply a variety of improvements in removing an old toilet. In the evening I connected the new bathroom with a shine. When the family sits at the breakfast table the day after, we hear it's beaten. Apart from that, the angry neighbor is in the cellar and does not say his way is smooth. We had returned the breakfast to the bathroom into a wardrobe. This time there was nothing like that on the cube. The neighbor was only announcing that he was getting a fiber optic connection in the apartment.
Myglusveppet was only infected with the wall skeleton so we decided to tear the middle wall we think we were doing on the other. The black tubes in the picture to the right are air ducts. This finish was not working. It would cost a lot of effort and resources to fix it.
The demolition continued. When the middle walls had fallen, the walls and floors needed for drainage and watering. Of course it turned out to be the biggest bras and ended up as I was through the floor plate down to the apartment below. In this, I'm cooking sunday one just before dinner. Then the bar on the outside is overloaded. Besides, my neighbor's wife is one of the finer family of the town. The look of her told me she was not hurt. Said to have had enough of these projects for me. I did not say I was surprised at that, but said that he had just set the working hours to begin with with a close condolences to the neighbors. Before I advised her to find out about the rules and guidelines for noise in the home, she turned her heel and sailed like a freighter in full time before the corner. After that I stood in the doorway and bumped myself to see if I should not take the robbery in the evening until night. Then I would like to mention other neighbors.

Now it's up to the level of construction to be built again. The couple decided to get us a flared LED light, but it cost a change of electrical power in the air. The ceiling plates were perforated here and there. Hitaboxes for the lights installed, the iron pipes removed and new wiring laid. Then it was pulled in and the air was closed with wet-cleaning plates. Here I am good because my sister is an electrician and gives good advice when I'm in the power plant. Then my father is pretty lucky with the electricity, but he was efficient in providing assistance in these projects. Yes, it's good to have a good time.
The power plant became much more extensive than we expected. The old lie was demolished and all wiring was refurbished.
Next time, we started to beat the frame for the middle walls. Of course, it did not work smoothly because when I'm drilling in the stone wall next to the electric table suddenly everything becomes black. I had wiped all the electricity out by drilling the wiring out into the garage. Now you have to pull those lies back. In the end, however, the intersections had come up, the electricity was getting stuck and everything hurried up and low. Since the baths are so small they would probably be classified as a sample of the bathrooms and the bedroom narrow, I decided to dress the walls with particleboard but not a plaster to get properly attached. Under normal circumstances, I would have worn the walls with 12 mm particle board and one gingerbread, but now I had the tiles sufficient. The air I dressed with plaster.

Now it was time to lay plumbing. I was starting to think that I would have to put it myself because it's clearly enough to do with craftsmen. In the end, I got Gudmund plumber to do the work. Glad I was because plumbing is one of the things I like to get a professional in. Gudmundur turned out to be proficient and responsible in his work and was very concerned that things were right. He actually refused to put up a toilet I had bought a long time ago, but I think he has made me pay because the toilet is sure to endless trouble. Who wants to play a toilet? The pipe needed a little bit to apply the scraper to prevent the slider, but it was not much. As soon as it was heard in the crash machine, the freight could be next door. This time she announced that we were the worst neighbors whom some people could think of. Now I was in a hurry and I said I would not talk to her at this point, pointing her to know the home noise level for construction and not coming back unless she could show we were going too far. She has not been seen since. The fact is simply that these criteria know I meet well and know we were far within all criteria and limits. Hyperactivity gives people no right. Could have really gone much farther. Of course, I acknowledge that the construction industry is struggling for the neighbors, but there is just no way to work these works without noise. The neighbors on the other side of me asked me if I was doing them crazy and the answer I received was that it was not so. They received sleep, for example. Thus, the tolerance limits are varied. The worst was for our tenants in the cellar but they received red wine and cheeses at the beginning of the year as a gratitude for patience.
The first picture shows how tight the pipe data is. This was especially reversed because the wall between the bathrooms is so thin. The blue color of the midnight is a base and the green is a resin that insulates the wall from the watery. We decided to pave the whole bathroom to ensure the walls were well protected. In the third movie everything is ready for tiling.
Preparation for tile and fixtures was the next work. First the holes in the floor plate had to be poured and then I milled the last millimeters. I thought the casting would suffice enough, but it did not turn out that some of the fleet ran through to the apartment in the basement. The tenant turned out to be not happy with me there. At the same time, the little little little rock rocked me through the floor plate, and then I got the Blikksmiðja Vík to gauge the ventilation. The flip charts I saw about myself, but please make sure my mother is a genius in tiles, and I got good tips on how to handle that work. All the materials for the tiles were bought at Álfaborg in Þorláksmessu and then they were devastated in tiling throughout the Christmas season.

Woodsmiths We and the interior decorations, but they have worked for us a few times. The good thing about replacing them is that, instead of buying ready-made units, everything is built up so that if the 43 cm cabinet fits best, the 43 cm cabinet is constructed. Guðmundur in We and we are also pleased to see what is best suited. The interior decoration of the guest room was solved by shrinking at IKEA and Bauhaus and finding something that suited it a little. The final shower in our bathroom was then set up the mixers for the shower and the closet, the towel oven and the bathrooms for the bathrooms.
The image to the right shows the tile data. Here it is time to flip slowly. Figure two has a toilet, a mixer and a shower bowl. The drainage from the shower was a concern because the gap was so small we felt. More deficiencies would have meant that we had passed the drainage through the floor plate. The third film has been unscrambling the doors on the doors. Installation on these doors is incredibly comfortable.
It must be fully acknowledged that although it is fun to stand like this, you will be pretty happy when it ends. Now our swimming trips are diminishing because we have to trust the pools since mid September, because we have not had the bathing facilities.
These results show the results. Indeed, it's hard to get proper pictures because the bathrooms are a true micro-room.