About the Author

Who is the man behind Keli´s Web? His name is Thorkell Daníel Jónsson. It can be said that he has blogged from the age of eighteen which means that the first blog post was written in 1984 when the word blog did not even exsist. The blog posts in 1984 were of course only a journal entries written for the drawer with a pen. Thirty-one years later there are still entries, few times a year in that book. These entries are written without awareness for the recipient which is quite allright since no one will ever read them except the author himself. The blog posts on this medium is however written with awareness for the recipient because they are for everyone to read.

What does Keli intend to write about on this medium? The quick answer is, everything that interests him at any given time. This means that most of the articles will cover sport fishing, guitar playing and photography. Articles about education might appear on this site and also articles about the country and history. There is no risk that the articles will be personal. Such writing is only for the journal in the drawer.

What is Keli's background? Keli is a family man living a simple family life in Reykjavik, Iceland. His ancestors lived in Snæfellsnes and in Strandir. His career is largely about eduacation and teaching and few things make him happier than helping the young ones to grow in all respect. Preserveation of the Icelandic language is also important to him and he likes to struggle with expressing his thoughts in words. That's why he blogs.