Here Comes the Sun

The song Here Comes the Sun makes you happy and and raises hopes that the future will bring joy and laughter like flowers in the spring. The song is simple and catchy, but the rhythm is special. The verses and the chorus are in 4 / 4 rhythm, but in the middle section, the rhythm changes to 2 / 4, then 3 / 8 and 5 / 8 and back to 4 / 4. The chords are in the key of D but Harrison played the song with a capo on the seventh fret. There the song is in the key of A.

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Positivity and optimism characterize Harrison's composition, but it is barely in line with the state of the Beatles at the time. After Brian Ebstein´s death band members had to conduct the business side themselves and it probably did not fit them well. At least George was really bored with the business meetings. It did not lighten the atmosphere that John and Paul were arguing about who should replace Ebstein and deal with the money issues. George said that he skipped one of these meetings and instead, he visited his friend Eric Clapton. Clapton lived in Surrey in England at this time. In Clapton's backyard, George composed the song on one of Claptons' guitars. Georg said the trigger for the song was a relief from being there out in the sun but not at the meeting. I think it's more likely that the sun was the motivation. We all know how the sun lightens the spirit when she breaks out after a long and foggy winter.

Click on the pictures to get a snap.Click on the image to get the arrangement.When the Beatles mania peaked 1961 - 1967, the collaboration between the four band members was excellent. One of them might come up with an idea and the others contributed with their criticism, comments and suggestions and the result was a great song. After the year 1967 this changed. Here Comes the Sun was recorded for the album Abbey Road in the Abbey Road Studio in July and August of the year 1969. John was nowere near because he was either recovering from a car accident or just stuck in his subborness. At this time he was not willing to play in Georges's songs. Paul and Ringo, along with George, recorded the bass, drums and rythm on the seventh of July and on the eighth of July, Paul helped with the singing. Then George did the rest.

Click on the image to get the chords.Click on the image to get the chords.I learned to play the song Here Comes the Sun many years ago and for some reason I never get used to it. I play the song in a plotted exposure, but George played it with guitar eyes. In both cases, the trackline is played all the time. If anyone wants to struggle to play the song with guitar songs then the lyrics and the sounds are here. Below is a recording of me playing Lord Comes the Sun. Here I have a clip on the seventh band but sometimes I play it just in D door.