Last Christmas arranged for fingerstyle guitar

Song and lyrics: George Michael

I have sometimes wondered if it is difficult to arrange songs for fingerstyle guitar. For long I´ve been planing make an attempt at it. Nevertheless, I've never got to it until now in December when I sat down and arranged the song Last Christmas.

first set 1

I actually had part of the song already arranged. I used that arrangement for Christmas 2015 when I and my daughter tried to play the song together on guitar and piano. She had been playing it in her music school. I was reviewing how we did it the other day and saw that I did not have the entire song arranged. So I decided to sit down and arrange the rest. With stubbornness as my main weapon, I managed to complete the arrangement that can be heard in the videos below. Since this is the first and only song I've ever arranged it's likely it has errors. I hope I will be forgiven because errors are an important part of any learning process. If anyone wants to use this arrangement feel free to download it. Just click on the image.

The notes 1 of 1Click on the image to get the arrangement.Below, I play this arrangement as an accompaniment to a video which is an overview of the families activities during the year. I play the song with a capo at the second fret so it is in the same key as the original version. I am not playing very smoothly. I did not manage to practice the song to the fullest extent because I wanted to have it on the website before the year was out. It is the same with the audio recording. It´s not good because the bass is too boomy. Again, I ask for forgiveness and refer again to the learning process.

I started to relearn the song for the Christmas 2018. I wanted to hear how it sounded on the classical guitar. The recording process was rather difficult because my two dogs didn´t understand that they were supposed to keep quiet.