Mazurka in g-minor

e. Frederic Chopin

Mazurka in g-minor is one of Frederic Chopin's last compositions. It was probably composed in the winter 1848 or the spring of 1849 soon after his last Paris concert and a tour to England and Scotland. A letter sent to Wojciech Gzymala during the tour indicated that Chopin was rather depressed at this time. "The world has somehow passed me by. Meanwhile, what has become of my art? And where did I squander my heart? "
This composition of Chopin is simple and not at all complicated to play on the piano. The song starts with a clean melody line which is rather cheerful. Then there is a slightly harsher chapter with not as clear melody. This section is followed by a very sweet, low-profile melody that leads to the melody line which started the song. Although the song sounds pretty cheerful one feels that the underlying tone is a sad one. Perhaps it's just because you know Chopins's state of mind at this time.

Chopin 1Chopin was Polish but lived most of his adult life in France. He was an exceptionally skillful pianist as a child. In thhe year 1940 his health got worse and he died the year 1849.

The simplicity of Mazurka in g-minor is typical for Chopin's last compositions. In his last compositions simplicity prevailed. This song is the last piece my daughter played in her music shcool, Tónskólis Sigursveins, under the supervision of her piano teacher Anna Málfríður. Anna Málfríður has been her piano teacher for past eight years and proved to be a helping and caring teacher. Always inspiring and patient.

Below my daughter plays Mazurka in g-minor by Chopin at a spring concert held by her music school in the church Fella- and Hólakirkja.