Carrington Guitar

I do not have the slightest idea of ​​what made me learn to play the guitar. There was virtually no music in my upbringing. Well it may not be fair to say that there was no music around. The National Broadcasting Service broadcasted three radio broadcasts of lighter music every week, One of the broadcasts were broadcasts where for the seamen were people sent them greeting with a song, the second one was similar but the greetengs were for patients lying in the hospital and the third one was called The Young People's songs.

carrington guitar

Despite my little musical background, I got obsessed by learning the guitar and bought me a Bjarton guitar. Then I started to struggle with getting some sound out of him. To tell the truth, this was quite a struggle in the beginning. It sounded terrible and I could not even decide if I should turn the guitar to the left or right. In the end, I decided that I was a leftie and had to turn the guitar to the right. That was it and things started to be better. Soon, the Bjarton guitar started to block my progress so I started a search for better instrument.

carrington guitar1

In Dallas, Texas, I found a guitarist, Christopher Carrington, who built classical guitars and they were affordable. He said that he could build me a left handed guitar without charging me extra for it. He said that the only difference in the construction for him was that he needed to think upside down and he would not charge anything for that. At the beginning of the year 1997, I resieved tha guitar and what a difference. This guitar has been my loyal companion since then and has given me many enjoyable moments.

Below you can see the model for a job.