For those who practice music to some degree it is good to own software for writing music and know how to use it. There is a lot to choose from. You can find programs that cost little or nothing but are surprisingly powerful. You can also find extremely extensive programs that are really expensive. Here I tell you about the TablEdit application that was my choice. It belongs to the previous group. You have to pay for it but not much.


Few years ago I began to wonder if I could not find anywhere a simple program to write down the music I'm playing on my guitar. Having a limited interest in learning a complicated music software and no knowledge of that kind of software. The only music software I knew was Sibelius, and it is not cheap at all and at first glance it seemed to be complicated. No doubt it's great for those who are deep into music but not for me who is playing for fun.

My criteria was that the software had to be cheap, easy to use and suitable for writing arrangements for guitar. For me it was less important that the software . I found it less important that the software could record my playing. I found what I was looking for in a program called TablEdit. It is designed with the needs of guitarist in mind, as it is written by guitarist, a frenchman named Matthieu Leschemelle. However, it´s capabilities are not limited to guitar and you update the application without having to pay anything.

TablEdit is of course not on pair with Sibelius, Finale or Encore.. But why buy a program for hundreds of dollars when you can get one that fits your needs for fifty? I use TablEdit first and foremost to help me read the pieces I'm tying to play. Write the arrangement in the program and let it play it for me. I'm quicker to see if I like the arangement and want to practice it until I can play it properly. I´m wery slow music reader, just like a child who has just recently learned to read. The energy goes all into encoding the notes and symbols so it takes a long time to get sense into the content. To do this, I do not need a complicate software.

I think the main advantage of the application is that it is either possible to write music in a traditional way or by writing in the TAB system. At first, I used the notation feature only, but after I got acquainted with TAB, I use notation and TAB equally. The best way to get to know TablEdit is to download the trial version and continue. Here you can find a guide video.

There is not much of music online written in TablEdit. Here you can find some music. People don´t seem to want to publish their arrangements. It is not necessary to have the program itself to read music written with TablEdit. There is a special software for that called Tef Viewer. It is free to download. Registered users are now 17.783 from all over the world, of which there are two Icelanders. Me and one other.

Without doubt I could have found various different programs which would have fulfilled my needs and even for free. For this reason, I searched the internet for applications to write a TAB and the selection was huge.