Shape of my heart, Keli, Sting, Dominiqe Miller

Song Sting and Dominique Miller. Lyrics: Sting

The song Shape of my heart is the tenth song on Sting´s fourth solo album, Ten summerone tales. Sting wrote the song with Dominique Miller who has played with Sting at over thousand concerts from the year 1990. Sting wrote the lyrics.

Shape of my heart intro

The meaningful text addresses the consequences of hiding ones personality and feelings behind a mask that is never taken off. In the world of poker it is effective but in human relations such a behavior brings trouble. Sting counteracts perfect opposites to show this, the faceless poker player and a lover. Great text in my opinion.

I play the song by fingerpicking the accompanyment for the verses and strumming the chords in the chorus, I know that the spades ... As a prelude, I fingerpick the accompanyment for the verses once before the singing starts. In the video below, Miller plays the melody on the b string, but sometimes he plays it on the g string as in the original recording of the song. You could also play it on the e string which would of course be easiest way. If you click on the image to the left a pdf document opens with the chord, nodtation with tab, where the melody is played on the b string.

Shape of my heart noteClick on the image to receive notes and chords.It can take a while before you manage the stretches in the left hand (right hand if you are left handed like me). Measure one, nine and eleven call for big stretches, but with the patience as a weapon you will succeed. Measure eleven is the most difficult. There the middle finger needs to hammer the H on fourth fret on the third string while the index finger holds the A note on the second string. It will take time to get the H to sound properly. It's important that the last note in every measure is allowed to live long enough, so take care not to switch chords to soon. We want a nice flow in the music but not a staccato feeling in the performance.