Layers and text: Bryan May

The style of the song looks a bit like American folklore, as the acoustic guitar and bass play its part. May sang the song on the album, but usually it was Mercury who sang the song at a concert. Some might say that the song is overloaded. In this version of the song, the sounds are no less than seventeen. Some may think it's a good deal, but this is the volume after cuts. May played half more chords in the original version. In the version that accompanies this article is the intermediate game that comes after the first message and the release is released, but if anyone wants to deal with it, the sounds in the pdf file can be downloaded by clicking the image here aside.

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May rose the guitar by half an hour. To skip the guitar load, play in the same tone and on the album, you can put a clip on the first string.

39The text of the song focuses on space travel and the distortion that will occur when traveling with the speed of light. Volunteers start from the ground of the ground in 39 in search of a better place for the world's population. A hundred years later, they come home and are only days older than when they left. On earth, two generations have lived and died for a while. Although the song is fast and animated, its text is rather sad, and it is doubtless that it can also be seen as deeper than the one in space. May may have been thinking of love and separation when he wrote the text. That May chose a spacecraft as a vocational subject does not have to be surprising because when Queen's Queen got on his music, May was able to study astrophysics at Imperial College in London.