Last Christmas

Song and lyrics: George Harrison

I can´t say that the band Wham have been on my favourite list but one of the two band members is undenyable a great artist with with exceptional talent for writing memorable melodies. Of all his song one of them will without doubt live longer than others. It´s the Christmas song Last Christmas. Probably it's not correct to call this song a Christmas song because it´s text is not about Christmas at all.

Last Christmas intro

George Michael wrote the song and gets all the income from it and that is considerable amount of money. Last year, thirty-one year after it was composed it gave him 75 million in his pocket. He probably does not regret the time it took to compose the song. Despite the huge popularity, Last Christmas did only reach second place in the UK charts. The charity song Do They Know it's Christmas dominated the first place. Still there is no reason for George Michael to complain because no song which did not reach the first place has sold better.

Last Christmas noteClick on the image to get the arrangement.In the week before Christmas, I hear that my daughter is playing this song on the piano. I thought it was fun that we could play like a Christmas day together and decided to find a simple guitar exposure. I found a simple exposure in the C door of Goliath guitar tutorials. The piano set is in D bye, so I clamp on another band to raise the guitar tone of the full tone. The interaction of our fathers is now hardly anyone else to hear but still put it in here. We have really discovered that we need both practice in interaction. It's both a bit to betray the rhythm. Then we need to find out how to get a decent sound because the sound recording is not good at all.

Below you can hear us play the song together.