Lake Holmavatn 16th of July 2017

Fishing on the moor, Laxárdalsheiði

They are many lakes named Holmavatn in Iceland. In a fishing guide about sport fishing lakes and rivers in West Iceland written by Eirikur there are nine lakes named Holmavatn and Holmavatn the moor Holmavatnsheidi is the tenth. There I and my wife went last Sunday.

Lake Holmavatn is one of three lakes on the moor north of the farm of Solheimar. Solheimar is the last farm in the valley Laxardalur before driving up to the moor Laxardalsheidi. The other lakes are called Reidgotuvatn and Gullhamarsvatn. We only fished in Holmavatn this time, but it would be interesting to see the other lakes also. We know that there are also fish in them, both trout and char. Holmavatn is a decent lake and stands 205 meters above sea level. It is 0,80 square kilometers in size and rather shallow.

Last year we visited the lake for the first time and to be honest it did not welcome us. Its color was a brown color and the north wind hit us hard That time we were really cold when we headed home with so little catch. Knowing that Icelandic nature has many aspects so we didn't hesitate to try our luck again this year. Last year, lakes Solheimavotn was part of the fishing chart, but unfortunately, this is not the case this year, so we started looking for the owners to ask if we were allowed to fish in the water. The ownership of the lakes had changed. We found out who the new owner was and he said we were welcome to spend an evening by the lake.

The path to the lakes is not small cars. Small sport jeeps could probably make it at the risk of punching the exhaust. We started fishing by throwing the bait from the cape which is in the middle of the photo. Conditions were rather undesirable. Then we moved over to the far left bank and planted us down there. Then I walked the bank furthest back on the photo and took the fly rod with me. There I landed three trouts.

Again the lake greeted us with muddy brown color because a strong wind hit it. Now it was blowing from the southwest. We did not like this but it is better though than the north wind because it´s warmer. First, we walked down to the east bank of the lake. We were certain that we would find fish there because there clean water met muddy water. It was difficult to fish there because the wind blew into our face and there were so many plants in the bottom. w moved to the north bank. At first, it was quiet so I decided to walk with my fly rod along the west bank and fish on the way back. Told my wife I would be about an hour. Well, I was a bit longer because I found fish and managed to land three.