Þingvallavatn 30. June 2019

With the wind in the lap of Olafsdóttir.

In the backyard I need a storage shed. He decided to build this spring and there Sunday began. After the day it was constructed, but about the five-track road, the couple broke out in a car and drove to Þingvellir. I had been fishing for Olaf this time. The weather was great as so often lately but on the heath was a strong west wind. We didn't quite do this well enough because at the proposed fishing location we would have the wind straight into our arms. When we arrived at the water it was almost calm so we decided to keep fishing in Olaf.
thingvallavatn 30 2019 7Scrubbing on a sunny summer day.
To get to the fishing grounds you have to climb a bit and trample through scrub. The wife thanked me little for dragging her down there. Said to be both fearful and too stiff for such a climb. It was almost calm when we set off and the temperature was about 10 degrees. It took us about fifteen minutes to get to the fishing spot, but then the west wind was off the heath so that there was no easy way to get out.
thingvallavatn 30 2019 3The camera was included as always. If you can't catch fish, you always get some pictures.No fishing was on this trip. I actually put in a decent fish but he snapped. Actually, I started to suspect that the leash I was with was something bad because I lost each flight one by one and it wasn't because I was always fixing the bottom.