Lake Ljosavatn 15. July 2019

... and then there was a flood
Me and my wife rented a summer house in the valley Fnjóskárdalur in the third week of July. We invested in a fishing card which allows us to to fish in many lakes in Iceland. Since we invested in the card we feel that we should use that investment. Therefore we throw a bait and fly in all the lakes the card gives us access to. From the summer house we rented there was only ten minutes drive to lake Ljósavatn. The weather had been so good that we hardly believed we were in a country named after ice. For example we ate both lunch and dinner on the patio in 18 - 20 degrees heat.
Ljosavatn 2019 1 or 2We bridge over Fnjóská. The bridge was built in the year 1908 by Danish people. It was intended to carry horses and horse-drawn carriages but was used for light car traffic until the year 1968.

In the evening we shot in Ljósavatn. Let us know on the farm Cross and then started fishing. Light water is a great deal of water on an Icelandic scale. Its size is about 20 miles2, average depth of 200 meters and maximum depth of 200 meters. We don't know anything about the water, so we tried to assess where the fish were most likely to be, and then this is just a matter of looking. We tried in three places by the water. All the time, the miffy hit us hard, as there was a plagiarism. We used Mosquitoes and nets to protect against their infighting and escaped fairly well. I got two and my wife nothing. It is well escaped compared to what the swamp was crowded.
Ljosavatn 2019 2 or 2Tonightly catch of the evening.

There is clearly a lot of fish in Ljósavatn. He was watching over it all, but was not to take it cruelly. I managed to land one by one during the flight. These were clearly little bleaches. We understand that there are larger charts inside and that there are even large trout in the water but their common size is 1 - 3 pounds. We will have to verify it because we did not notice anything except small fish. The wife caught one pound of char and thus the catch is listed.

The program included more fishing trips. Vestmannsvatn waited and we were granted permission to fish in Lake Másvatn. Unfortunately, that was not to happen now because on Thursday night, just as we were getting ready to go fishing in Lake Másvatn, our daughter called and it was an emergency call. The cold water intake had settled outside the kitchen in the basement and the water was falling into the apartment. There was nothing available to us but to bake and drive home that night. Fishing in Lake Másvatn and Vestmannsvatn awaits better time.