Lake Thingvallavatn 9th of July 2020

A Car mat on the bank of the lake.

Thingvallavatn 9 2020 1Sometimes there is no news to tell. That certainly applies to the trip to lake Thingvallavatn this morning. Nothing happened worth telling. At least about the fishing. The weather was good for fly-casting. The sky was partly cloudy and there was a slight breeze from the southwest or from the west. The wind was not that strong. I could easily cast the fly against it, even with line number five. I started by fishing in the two places on the east bank south of Arnarfell that have given me fish before.

There I fished over two hours. The only thing that happened was that while wading I stepped out of lava rock in the wrong place and sunk into the lake up to the neck. After this, I was pretty cold because water flowed into my waters. After two hours I began to get bored and walked back along the riverbank towards the bay by the mountain Arnarfell.

I was surprised at the absence of the pair of Common Loon which usually keeps me company in these fishing spots. I didn´t see the birds anywhere. I planed to fish along the gravel bank west of the cove at the bottom of the east bank. On my way there, I found a couple of the Common Loon. They were calmly swimming, diving, and taking care of their young. They were really easygoing so I tested if they allowed me to come closer. The couple seemed to trust the fisherman and just kept on doing what they were doing. I watched the birds for a while before I went fishing. While fishing the lake along the bank to the west my eyes stumbled upon something lying on the bank. It looked like this was an insulating mattress. I expected that some campers had lost it. At noon I decided to quit and walk back to the car. Along the way, I grabbed the mattress to throw it in the trash. But this wasn´t a mattress at all. It was a huge rubber mat designed to put the tail of a large jeep. It is a mystery to me how it got there. No cars can go where it was. What about it, the rubber mat was the only catch on this trip.