Hólsbúðarvogur and Tröllendi 13 and 15 July 2020

A small fish is better than an empty dish

We were staying on an island. An island with no fishing lake and no river to fish in either. Only wetlands and rich birdlife. In spite of this, we brought two fishing rods with us because there is a lot of fish in the sea around the island. The island is Flatey, it´s in the middle of Breidafjord in West-Iceland. Of course, my wife and I wanted to try to catch white fish from the shore. On Monday the 13th of July, we walked with the rods down to the shore, just below Radagardur. The houses on the island don´t have a street number but they all have names. Radagardur is the name of the house we stayed in. It was half an hour before high tide. We used mackerel as bait, threw it as far as we could, and let it sink it to the bottom. Then we sat down and enjoyed the sunshine.

Flatey and Breidafirdi July 2020 2

After about half an hour, the alarm bell that we hung on top of the fishing rod rang and we pulled in a two-pound cod. During the additional hour, we sat on the shore the bell rang three times but all the fishes escaped. Then we took the catch home and on Tuesday the cod was cooked and eaten. It turned out to be an excellent meal.

After the evening news on Tuesday, we walked down to the pier and out onto the cliffs on the shore. We hoped the cliffs stood far enough out to sea so that the seaweed would not give us trouble while fishing. This end of the island is called Trollendi (Trolls End). From the cliffs we fished for almost two hours. By the time we went back to the house we had landed four fishes. Three of them were cods, but the fourth was a saithe. Two managed to escape back into the sea. The cods weighed about two pounds each.

I went down to the shore again on Thursday. The weather was rough. This time, nothing happened but the spinner tempted black-legged kittiwake. Fortunately, the bird did not get the spinner. I didn't last long this time because I wasn´t dressed for this bad weather and the beach rocks were quite slippery in the rain. I didn't want to fall on my head so I headed home to the house.

My wife on a bench by Trollendi. Baldur the ferry can be seen in the background and is heading for Bardastrond.

Fishing at Trollendi. There was clearly a lot of fish there because a fish took the spinner again and again.

The view to the peninsula Snaefellsnes from the house we stayed in. The glacier Snaefellsjokull can be seen at the end of the peninsula.