The Lake on the Moor 8. August 2020

New fishing spot confirmed

Once again, construction at home takes the mind, precisely at the peak of the fishing season. I and my wife are just starting to make radical improvements to the kitchen, living room, and the hall. Now we have to work hard to clear everything out of these spaces. However, there was no chance that we would skip the annual fishing trip in our lake on the moor. To do so we will just work longer evenings during the week. The fishing equipment was ready in the luggage box at the top of the car, so all we had to do was pack the lunch for the weekend in the cooling box before heading out to the countryside.

Heidarvatnid 2When I returned after the walk along the south bank, my wife had landed these four trouts.

After a few cups of coffee and a chat on Saturday morning with the owners of the lake about livestock grazing, fishing, forestry, and sagas about previous inhabitants on the land we started to climp the steep hill towards the lake. When the lake was found, we headed for a small cliff on the east bank of the lake. Last year we had a lot of fun fishing close to the cliff in a strong wind. We were convinced that we had found a new fishing spot in the lake. Now we planned to confirm that. On Friday the wind blew from the southwest, but now the wind had turned and was blowing from the southeast. It was not as strong as the year before and it was easy to cast a fly.

I left my wife by the cliff on the east bank and continued along the bank and then west along the south bank. I had not walked long when I saw a fish springing into the water when it was, I was trampling along the bank. I grabbed the next rod and hurled a piece of veneer after the fish. Pull in and right at the tray he is on. This turned out to be a two pound trout. This fish was rather thin. I did not like it now and wondered if the fish in the water had not had enough food. I continued to the west, past the islet that the sky lays and to the cut that is on the south bank directly opposite Réttartangan. The water level was not that high so I could wade out into the cut and throw it in all directions. Twice caught trout but I lost both. I then tried to throw a spinner off the cutter and caught one pound of trout.

All the while, the wife stood firm on the rock. When I come back, very hungry, I see that she had no reason to move. By the shore lay four beautiful 2 - 4 pound trout. While I was munching on a welcome ham sandwich and drinking hot cocoa, the lady told me the story of the four trout. Again and again she saw fish chasing the spinner and every now and then big and beautiful fish jumped in front of her. There was clearly a lot of fish there and they were not far from land. Of course, I threw the fly on the diaper and soon managed to land one good trout. There we were pretty comfortable so we decided to head home. The hunt had gone so well that we looked forward to having a nice evening in our place of residence with a chat about hunting and strange livestock.

Heidarvatnid 1The last trout landed before returning home.

On the way back, I still couldn't help but try a few throws on the rocky bank between Lómavík and Breiðavík. There is often fish. Tossed there about ten times but to no avail.