The Lakes 28th - 30th of June 2021

The fishing record is broken, almost.

The goodess of hunting started to harass me in mid-June. Therefore it was welcomed when a member of the construction club called and asked if it wasn´t a time to visit the unnamed lakes. I agreed it was time and found it ideal to start the long-awaited summer vacation by fishing in these beautiful lakes far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For us chalk-white Icelanders, who by nature are adapted to raw and windy weather, the forecast was frightening. Twenty degrees, no wind, and sunny. This time three-quarters of the construction club´s fishing department was involved and one special guest. The fourth member of the club was busy with other things but kept track of the fishing through electronic media. The guest is the brother of the club's senior and the one who introduced us to the lakes.

The lakes in question belong to a cluster of lakes far away from everything. Talking about the lakes we have referred to them by numbers from one to five. Now that we have visited them several times some of the lakes are getting proper names. We don´t know if they have any real names.

Lake number one is the first lake in this cluster of lakes. Now we call that lake Lake Arnarvatn because one of the club members has fished really well in that lake before. The trout and the char in this lake are stuck there but in the other lakes, the fish can swim between the lakes. My cousin and I started in lake Arnarvatn on the first shift. When we were getting ready to fish in the lake my partner snatches his backpack on his shoulder and says he´s going to walk to lake five. That lake is the one furthest away from lake one so I offered him the car but he declined. Said it would only take him fifteen minutes to walk there. Well, he is a great walker but walking there in fifteen minutes would require some magical shoes. I put my rods together but then I saw that my Shimano throwing rod was broken. I had completely forgotten that I had stepped on it in exactly this spot two years ago. I had bought a new rod but it was in storage at home. But I did have my Hercon rod with me so I used it instead.

I rememberd that the fish in the lakes took the fly last year so I started by casting the fly in the nortwest part of the lake were one of club members fished well last year. I also remembered that you had to get the fly to the bottom so I used intermediate sinking line, a short tipped and tied peackock to the tipped. In the third cast a two pound trout took the fly and another one in the fourth cast. Then there was nothing for a while so I threw the bait out and planned to cast the fly while waiting for the fish to show interest in the bait. There was constantly fish interested in the bait so there was no peace to cast the fly. When the shift was over I had landed three or four trouts on the fly and seven or eight trouts on the bait.

Votnin 2021 2Fly-casting in Vallavatn.

 About nine o'clock in the evening, the brothers visited me at lake Arnarvatn. They had spent the day in lake two and Vallavatn which is lake number three. They were not happy with the fishing. They had only caught three fishes combined. In the distance, we saw that my fishing partner had put on his magic shoes and walked fast along the ridges above the lakes. He passes quickly despite having a considerable burden to bear. He had found fish on the southwest bank of the lake and a lot of it. There he landed twenty fish.

My partner and I started shift two in lake two and in lake Vallavatn. I threw the bait out in lake two and fly-fished the whole lake back and forth. I also tried to fish in all the lakes nearby. This time nothing disturbed the fly-casting. Clearly, there were not many fishes in the lakes. When the shift was over I had not landed a single fish. Meanwhile, my fishing partner spent his time in Vallavatn and caught few fish but not many. The brothers fished in lake five and did not come back until the evening. When they finally showed up they were happier than the day before because they had caught over thirty fish.

The catch is being processed.

Filleting and cleaning.

The fishes ready in consumer packages.

 Votnin 20219A centuries-old fishing culture is a thing in the construction's club fishing department. It's called fish and eat.

On the third shift, my cousin and I went to Arnarvatn. My fishing partner fished in the same spots I fished the day before but I walked out on a small peninsula on the southern part of the lake. I had in other fishing trips fished well there. This time there was a lot of fish there and when the shift was over I had landed thirteen trouts and a few of them took the fly. The fly fishing actually started badly. A fly called red nobbler was tied to the line and it was clear that the trout was interested. Eventually on of them got stuck but just before landing it swam away with the fly. The knot came loose. Another red nobbler was tied to the line I repeatedly felt the fish grabbing it. But it never got stuck. I wondered why and came to the conclusion that the reason was that the fish did only grab the tail of the fly. So I decided to switch to a fly that did not have a tail. Then it came clear what was the problem. The fly had no hook. It had broken off. I switched to a fly called Þingeyingur and landed some trouts on it. During the time I spent on the south bank my fishing partner fished well on the north bank.

 Now the evening closed in and while we eat the chicken soup my fishing partner had prepared the situation was discussed. The group was in a ,, bad shape" after fishing under the clear sky, in twenty degrees and calm wind for three shifts. One shift was left and the excel man of the construction club informed us that we might break the fishing record of the club. On the last shift, each of us had to land at least four fish. I and my partner went to lake five. That lake should get the name Stóravatn (Big lake) because it´s the biggest of the lakes. Northwest of it is lake number four which we always call Ónýtavatn (Useless lake). Well, it´s not completely useless because we have caught fish in it but it is not as much fun to fish in it as the other lakes. It was still warm but there was a strong wind straight in the face so it was really difficult to cast the fly. I switched to a twelve-gram spinner and landed three trouts on it and one char which was the only char I caught in this trip. I landed the required four fishes on the shift and my partner landed eight. There was a good chance that the record would be beaten. The brothers landed four fishes together so the record was beaten. Or that´s what we thought. After some calculation, the fishing tour ended in one hundred twenty-two fish. We evened the record. I myself landed 12 fish. All of them were between one to two pounds.